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        Have your Dog or Cat Pampered






We offer a grooming service for all types and sizes of Dogs and Cats our trained and experience groomers will transform you best friend into a show stopping star.

Our Grooming Parlour is Air Conditioned and we have over 30 years experience of grooming all Breeds.  All staff are highly trained and own their own dogs.  They are real Doggy people.  Lots of fuss, cuddles and chit chat are given during the grooming session.

Please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements of bring your dog in to meet us and you can talk to the Groomers.

Have a look at our before and after pictures.      Tel: 01564 779156

GROOMING IS CARRIED OUT:-   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

9.00am to 5pm  (no grooming on Thursdays)


Before                                                                             After 



Before                                                                            After





What a Super Star!!!!

  NEW PRODUCT (We are very excited about it)

 We also offer to cut nails for Dogs, Cats and Small Furries too. 




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