Pets World Knowle

Dog Accessories:-                                   

Leads & Collars -  Huge range, lots of colours and sizes. 

Harnesses -  Walking Harnesses and Car Harnesses

Training Aids - Whistles, Clickers, Training Pouches, Retrieve toys, Long and House LInes, Training Leads. 

Toys -  You wont believe how many we pack into our shop.  We try and test them and we are always looking for the new and exciting new toy on the market.  A well stimulated Dog is a Happy Dog.

Treats  -  Training treats, Natural Antlers & Roots, Venison, Seafood Jerky, Beef Heart, Sweet Potatoe, Papaya - We offer many healthy dog treats.  

Beds -  Cosy Beds, Crate Mats, Plastic Beds, Luxorious Beds,

Crates and Travel Crates -  All different sizes.  (for Airline use, please check size required)

Health Products and Dental Products -  Tooth Pastes, Worming treatments, Flea Treatments, Eye Cleansers, Thornit Powder, Stress Remidies.  Phytopet Homeopathic Range - Highly Recommended!!

Support Care -  Care for Anxiety or behavioural problems

Grooming Products -  Shampoos, Eau De Cologne, Brushes, Strippers, Thinning Scissors, Nail Clippers

Urinary Care -  Puppy Training Pads, Urine Off Sprays and treatments & Homeopathic Treatments 


Also, check out the New Julius K9 Harnesses.   Just Brilliant.

Dark Nights and Mornings are now here and here to stay for a while. 

Check out this New Amazing Range.














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