Pets World Knowle

Cat Accessories:

Cat Beds -  We have all types, hammocks, cosy beds, snood beds

Cat Carriers -  Large selection of carriers. Light weight or travel strong.

Litter Trays -  Open trays or Enclosed

Litter -  Wood type, Non Clumping, Clumping, Paper Pulp, Crystals, Fullers Earth.

Scratch Posts -  Small posts, Large Posts, Climbing Frame type, Activity Centre Type.

Toys -  Huge Selection of Toys, not to mention Cat Nip Toys.  A Zebedee Mouse is a Must!!

Grooming -  Brushes, Combs, Rubber Combs, Nail Clippers.  (We will clip nails if your Moggy thinks they are a Tiger)

Homoeopathic Remedies -  Phytopet Remedies, Calming Products, Feliway, Fear Aid.

Flea and Worming treatments -  Flea Collars, Spot on treatments, Tablets.

Urinary Care -  Scent Off, Urine Odour Destroyer, Carpet Cleaner. 

Flaps -  Big selection of Flaps, 2 Way , 4 Way.  Different Colours and sizes to fit most types of door.


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